11 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

Replace your kitchen countertops with Beissel Renovation.

Old, worn-out kitchen countertops can make your space look less appealing. And since countertops are one of the busiest surfaces in the heart of your home, it is important to spot the need for new ones and find the best material to modernize your kitchen’s beauty and function. 

Kitchens are typically more in need of remodeling than other rooms in a house because they are used so much every day. Installing new countertops is essential for keeping your property well maintained. 

Read on to learn what to look for specifically, so you can replace your kitchen countertops with confidence.

How to Know It Is Time for Countertop Replacement 

1. Are your current countertops cracked or chipped?

Some counter materials tend to chip and crack over time, leaving your kitchen looking less than ideal. If left unattended, dirt and bacteria may occupy the cracks in your counters, putting your food and prep space at risk of contamination. Wooden and linoleum countertops are particularly prone to cracking. If you can see the material beneath your counters, it is time to replace them.  

2. Do stubborn stains plague your countertops?

Blemishes like persistent stains and unsightly burn marks on your countertops hinder the beauty of your entire kitchen. If you have done your research and determined stains or burns cannot be remedied—when it comes to the material you currently have on your counters—it may be time to remove and replace them with new ones. You deserve to enjoy a pristine-looking kitchen with crisp, clean countertops readily available for you to do your meal preparation and plate your dinners. 

3. Is it time to get ready for your property’s sale?

When preparing your house to go on the market, prioritizing kitchen updates pays off with a substantial return on investment (ROI), boosting your home value and a potential buyers’ first impressions. Minimize the amount of time your property is on the market by upgrading your countertops in preparation of the sale. 

4. Are you looking for a budget-friendly kitchen upgrade?

Refresh the look of your kitchen with a cost-effective update—new countertops. You will enjoy substantial value for what you invest in this practical upgrade. 

5. Do your current countertops look outdated? 

Old countertops that are out of style dim the appearance of your whole kitchen. Replace them with a timeless, low maintenance, durable material like granite, which never goes out of style, and you will be set for years to come. 

6. Are you adding on to your current kitchen?

When it is time for a kitchen addition or major home remodel, rather than trying to match your old counters when adding new ones, replace the old and begin afresh. If you are already adding cabinets, installing new flooring, and changing your kitchen’s layout, new countertops are a must. 

7. Do your counters need customization for someone’s special needs?

An easy place to customize your kitchen is with new countertops. So if your aging parents are moving in or a family member needs accessible counters, replacing your current ones with new ones may be the perfect solution. 

8. Are your countertops damaged from a fire or other cause?

Small fires can occur in kitchens, leaving countertops marred and unsightly. This is a great opportunity to remove and replace your current counters, and bring crisp, clean countertops to the forefront of your kitchen design. With an island focal point, it is even more important to have great looking counters that make your kitchen a welcoming gathering place where friends and family love to spend time together. 

9. Is it time for a change in your kitchen?

Kitchen design trends come and go. If you are simply tired of your kitchen’s aesthetics and want to enjoy a more modern looking space, upgrading with new countertops is a simple solution. 

10. Has your kitchen suffered water damage?

Is there a crusty white buildup under your countertops near your kitchen sink or another place in your kitchen with running water? Water tends to leave ugly stains. If you ignore moisture damage and do not fix the root problem, mold and mildew will eventually appear. These are nothing to mess with as they can contribute to health problems—particularly if you have a respiratory illness such as asthma. Replace countertops if moisture damage, mold or mildew are present. Do not risk the possibility of making health issues worse. Instead, get new, beautiful countertops and enjoy them. 

11. Do you entertain others often?

Kitchen counters should be in excellent shape if you are entertaining family and friends often. Why? Because you are preparing and plating meals on them before serving your guests. When countertops look pristine, it helps put out the welcome mat to those you love, making them want to linger—and return. 

Gorgeous Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen

Choose the color, style, and material that brings out the best in your kitchen design. Selecting timeless materials and classic styles ensures your counters will not look outdated for years to come. Look at each material’s beauty, durability, need for maintenance, and track record of longevity so you can choose the best fit for your long-term needs. 

  • Quartz
  • Natural Stone
  • Solid Surface
  • Porcelain
  • Wood
  • Butcher Block
  • Laminate
  • Cultured Marble and Onyx

Add Beauty and Function to Your Kitchen with New Countertops Installed by Our Experienced Team

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