How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Maximizing space in your home's small bathroom with Beissel Renovation.

When square footage is limited in your bathroom, every inch counts. If you are looking for smart and efficient solutions to your bathroom dilemma, think of how you can minimize its necessary elements to maximize the space. 

High-traffic bathroom areas can easily become cluttered, so concealing toiletries in beautiful baskets can keep it organized. Discover how you can give your compact bathroom a spacious feel without compromising its function or beauty. 

12 Renovations that Maximize Space in Your Small Bathroom

1. Make the most of your bathroom’s layout

Choose a narrow vanity (or a corner vanity if space permits!) with multiple drawers and compartments under the sink, and put every inch of your drawer space to work for you. Use dividers inside drawers and give each item a place to belong within them so you can find things easily on busy mornings. If necessary, select a stylish floating vanity and use the open area under it for stylish baskets for storage. 

If you are frustrated with the limited amount of storage in your vanity, consider using your wall space. Add a couple of attractive modern-looking shelves and store items neatly in baskets or display them on the shelves. Or, install a wall niche (recessed shelves) by cutting a cavity into your drywall between the studs, then building shelves in it to utilize the space. This very helpful in your shower or tub enclosure, too.

2. Switch out your bathroom door for a pocket door

Tuck your bathroom door into the wall with a sliding pocket door to instantly gain space in your bathroom. 

3. Add mirrors to give the illusion of more space

Mirrors reflect light, open up the room, and enhance colors. Hang multiple mirrors in your quaint bathroom to “up” its feel and style. In fact, anything that reflects light that you add to the room will have the same effect (like chrome or brass fixtures, soap holders, and other décor). 

4. Brighten up the walls so they look bigger

Illuminate your quaint bathroom with a cheerful, light hue to make the space seem larger. Or add an accent wall to introduce more depth and variety.  

5. Install a space-saving smart toilet

Sleek smart toilets are the most popular smart feature homeowners are adding to their bathrooms. They save space and offer built-in luxuries that make a difference. Popular features include things like a seat warmer, a built-in bidet, your favorite music, a night light, an automatic flush feature, and an automatic lid. They basically clean themselves, saving you time regularly. 

6. Remove your bathtub and replace it with a shower

Taking your bathtub out of the space will free up square footage to enjoy in a compact bathroom. If space permits, add a corner shower or make your shower part of the room by installing a curbless one. 

7. Opt for a Japanese soaking tub

Do not miss out on the luxury of a soaking tub just because you have limited space and want to keep a bathtub. Japanese soaking tubs allow you to sit upright instead of laying horizontally when you take a bath. Their shape takes up less space than regular tubs, and they can fit into tighter areas in a more compact bathroom. 

8. Save space with a shower door or curtain

If your shower door swings open and uses precious space in your current bathroom, change it out for a sliding door or a shower curtain.  

9. Add a medicine cabinet

Storage is vital in every bathroom, so as long as you are going to have a mirror on the wall anyway, why not put it to work as a storage cabinet by installing a medicine cabinet. You can occupy it with items you use daily in your bathroom as well as medicine. 

10. Install a shelf over your bathroom door

The wall space above your door is fair game for storage, so why not add an attractive shelf and use it for your guest towels or other things you do not need access to every day? 

11. Place your towels on a hook

Towel racks take up precious space, so opt for a couple of attractive hooks on the wall (or the back of your bathroom door) instead. Or, if you have a sliding shower door, put your towels on the sliding door. 

12. Get creative with your storage needs

  • Roll your towels. Towels can be big, bulky, and take up precious space if you are storing them in your bathroom. Opt to roll them up and place them in a towel holder that you can either place in an empty corner of the bathroom or mount on the wall. 
  • Make a narrow floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Install a narrow shelving unit for everyday necessities. Store the things you need most where they are easiest to access, and put cleaning products on the very top shelf. 
  • Add a slim cabinet between your sink and toilet. The space between your sink and toilet can be creatively put to use with a slim cabinet for added storage space. Make the toilet paper roll easy to access on the slender shelf, as the cabinet is monopolizing the space traditionally intended just for toilet paper. 
  • Add bath trays to utilize space. Create a spa-like ambiance with a bath tray on your soaking tub. Let the tray house your favorite bathing essentials like bath salts, a candle, a good book, and essential oils. 
  • Create a shower nook. Carve out a niche in your shower wall for your bathing necessities. 

Transform Your Home’s Bathroom with Exceptional Design

Regardless of how big or small your bathroom is, it should be functional and beautiful. Do not settle for an inadequate bathroom design. Upgrade your space with a modern renovation that exudes style and generously meets your needs.  

At Beissel Renovation, we are known for exciting renovation solutions and exceptional craftsmanship. Our custom bathroom designs offer unparalleled excellence. Learn how our bathroom renovation services can maximize your space and deliver the luxury and amenities you desire.