Popular Bathroom Features for Your Next Remodel

Gorgeous popular bathroom features for your home's remodel.

Start and end your day right by upgrading your bathroom for comfort and convenience. Treat yourself to the luxury of a personalized oasis with spa-inspired features in your remodel. 

Explore these twelve key elements for a premium bathroom renovation that enhances daily relaxation and rejuvenation.

Inspiration for Your Bathroom Remodel 

1. Relax in an attractive soaking tub

Submerging in a warm bath helps increase blood flow to your skin, which rejuvenates and nourishes skin cells and improves your complexion. Adding oil to your bath will keep your skin moisturized, and essential oils create a relaxing aromatherapy element that refreshes the soul. 

Choose a freestanding tub style, size, and material that transforms your bathroom to a spa-like sanctuary. Opt for modern hardware that adds a touch of class, and you are all set. 

2. Indulge in greater comfort with heated flooring

Minnesota winters are known for snowstorms and extreme temperatures. So when it is tough to get out from under the blankets in the morning, knowing your feet will be treated to heated flooring can make all the difference. Toasty tile flooring in your bathroom makes mornings (or any time of the day) comfy. And the tile’s warmth lingers, adding value to your property and saving you consistently on utilities.

3. Step out of the tub and into a pre-warmed towel 

There is something about wrapping up in a heated towel that makes the cold air more forgiving. Once you experience this luxury, there is no going back to chilly towels. This simple upgrade will delight you daily as you pamper yourself. 

4. Splurge on a gorgeous vanity with generous storage 

Keep a decluttered look in your bathroom by including a vanity with plenty of storage. Use dividers within drawers so everything you require is easy to find when your daily routine needs to be swift. Choose a vanity countertop material that offers style and durability. 

5. Increase natural light and ventilation by adding a window that opens 

Most bathrooms experience humidity, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Add a small window (that opens!) and increase air circulation while boosting natural light in your space. Opt for beveled glass for privacy, and consider a double-hung or casement window for ease of operation (particularly if you need to reach over something to open your window). 

6. Get a smart toilet—you will love it 

While there are many smart features homeowners are adding to their bathrooms, the smart toilet is by far the most popular. Why? Because it comes with modern conveniences: 

  • Takes up less space than a traditional toilet
  • Cleans itself
  • Includes automatic flushing
  • Protects against overflowing
  • Saves water
  • Includes a seat warmer for greater comfort
  • Offers a night light/illumination feature
  • Streams music through Bluetooth connection
  • Includes an environmentally-friendly bidet 

7. Get the best of both worlds with a wet room

If your bathroom does not have enough space for a freestanding tub and a shower too, a wet room may be the perfect solution. A glass enclosure separates the wet room part of your bathroom from the remainder of the space, allowing for showering and bathing to be done in proximity. This modern amenity delivers a contemporary look to your space while providing the convenience and function you need.  

8. Include special shower elements that rejuvenate you 

A rainfall shower head allows for a soothing experience. A steam shower, body sprayer, and side sprays all enhance daily showers. A glass-walled shower, plus ceramic tile flooring and walls within it, add to the sophisticated elegance of your shower space. 

9. Make a statement with a fashionable backsplash

Add interest to your bathroom with a stunning backsplash. Amp up its visual appeal with patterned tile extended from your vanity to the ceiling. Mount a modern circular, oval, or rectangular mirror over each sink, and enjoy!

10. Illuminate your bathroom with stylish fixtures

Begin with ceiling lights for ambient (general) lighting. Select a memorable chandelier, pendant lights, flush mount lights, semi-flush mount lights, or recessed lighting. Add task bathroom lighting around your mirror and in the vanity area. Choose from a light on each side of your mirror, or install a light above the mirror to save space. 

11. Tuck in a linen cabinet for convenience

In addition to a vanity with ample storage, including a convenient linen cabinet in your bathroom remodel ensures you always have what you need at your fingertips. Store plush towels, wash cloths, and other bathroom necessities in this attractive, concealed space. 

12. Add live greenery for a finishing touch

Purify your bathroom’s air, and fill the atmosphere with a sense of calm by adding fresh greenery to your space. Why not take advantage of the moisture in the air with a potted plant or two in your updated bathroom? 

  • English ivy – Hang it up and let its trailing vines create an eye-catching look. 
  • Fern – Fill sparse corners or hang it up to make the most of its spreading leaves.
  • Majesty palms – Their love for humidity makes the bathroom a perfect spot for these beauties

Transform Your Dreams into Reality with a Stunning Bathroom Remodel

If you feel like you’ve been settling for a mundane bathroom that simply gets the job done, then we hope you have been inspired. You can enjoy a daily spa-like experience in a renovated bathroom designed with your desires in mind!

Our team at Beissel Renovation will treat your house with the same respect as we do our own. Once your renovation is complete, our door is always open and we check in to make sure you are satisfied with your bathroom remodel. Take a look at our bathroom remodeling services and envision the bathroom upgrade you have been dreaming of.