Selling Your Home? Increase Its Appeal with a Remodeled Bathroom

Increase home's selling appeal with a remodeled bathroom.

Are you planning to sell your house soon? Performing the right remodeling projects can significantly influence how appealing your home is to buyers. And one of the best ways to get a solid return on your investment is through a bathroom upgrade.

Simply put, renovating your bathroom makes your house more attractive to those who tour it, raising the chances of a strong buyer offer. Here is a closer look at how a revamped bathroom benefits you—both now as you enjoy the results for your own personal use, as well as in a few years when you place your house on the market.

What Makes a Bathroom Remodel So Valuable?

Home purchasers consider the bathroom a highly important feature. If the existing bath is crowded, worn-down, or outdated, buyers cannot help thinking they will have to do a lot of work to get the room the way they would like it to be. Some may even wonder if the bathroom’s underpinnings—like the pipes—need repair too. An outdated bathroom may cause buyers to decide it is not worth bidding on your house.

On the other hand, when bathrooms look modern and eye-catching, purchasers can envision themselves enjoying those spaces. Buyers who like a house’s bathrooms are more likely to offer an attractive bid, which means your property is more likely to sell quickly—which can be a definite benefit. 

How to Evaluate Whether Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

As you prepare your house for sale down the road, it pays to weigh what features to update and which to leave as they are. Some questions to think about and research include:

What is your local real estate market like?

Historically, our region (including all of Minnesota) tends to earn back around 58-59% return on the investment (ROI) in a bathroom renovation. But ROI is not the only aspect to consider. Some local neighborhoods may see higher returns on an updated bathroom. Some homes in your area may be selling faster because they feature new bathrooms with the latest in luxurious features. Consult a real estate agent who knows your area well to see what they suggest for your specific house.

What is your bathroom’s current condition?

If your bath is a little outdated but still quite functional in every way, then a full renovation down to the bones of the room may not be the best use of your resources. Cosmetic upgrades may be sufficient to help the bathroom look attractive at a more affordable cost. Examples include include a fresh coat of paint, new white caulking, and clean grout.

However, if there are major concerns such as damaged plumbing, electrical issues, mold growth, or missing tiles, your home may not pass inspection without repairs—meaning your property will take longer to sell. Buyers will likely offer a lower bid or ask for fixes to be made before the sale is complete, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. In this case, a remodel is a smart move, as it will make the entire sales process easier due to fewer distractions about projects the buyer will feel compelled to do right away.

Is your bathroom’s layout sufficiently appealing?

Many houses include bathrooms that are simply out-of-date in terms of how usable they are. Today, people have certain expectations about their bath spaces that you should consider accommodating, especially if your goal is to sell for top dollar. If your baths have tubs and showers that are hard to climb into, with slippery flooring surfaces and faucets that are not efficient, many buyers will not be interested. 

Updating to modern fixtures, including walk-in showers, efficient toilets, and even smart-tech lighting and built-in sound systems can all appeal to buyers. If the bathroom is crowded and hard to maneuver in, it can be worth gutting it to create a more spacious layout with attractive built-in storage that new owners would appreciate.

The Best Remodeling Choices for Upgrading Your Bathroom Before Selling

As you plan out your bathroom updates, weigh what type of approach you prefer to take, including your budget, the features that most need upgrades, and even what you would most enjoy for yourself before you put your property up for sale.

Bathroom Features Most Likely to Increase Your Resale Value

If your goal is to get the greatest return on your investment, there are several bathroom features worth concentrating on. To gain the best return, consider replacing old-fashioned tubs with contemporary walk-in showers, installing modern cabinets, adding elegant double sinks and sleek new countertops, as well as new flooring and crisp, eye-catching tiles.

Bath Upgrades That Tend to Yield a Lower ROI

Some bathroom features may not appeal to every home buyer, so they may not earn back as much when you sell. But if you will be remaining in your house for at least a few years, it can be worthwhile to invest in what matters to your own enjoyment—such as a jet tub or a steam shower.

Simple Cosmetic Updates That Give a Bathroom Visual Style

If the bones of your bathroom are good and its features are mostly up-to-date, simply give the space a refresh in its appearance with new light fixtures, a fresh coat of paint in your favorite soothing color, beautiful new mirrors and updated shelving.

Give Your Bathroom a Lovely Makeover that Adds Substantial Value to Your Home

Whether your goal is to place your house on the market for sale right away or in several years, a bathroom renovation can help you make the most your property while you live there—as well as prepare for a fast, profitable sale in the future. At Beissel Renovation, our experienced, customer-focused people take pride in serving you with excellence. Picture your home with a gorgeous new bathroom remodel—installed right the first time by our local team.