The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen

Choose the right countertop for your home's kitchen with Beissel Renovation.

Well-appointed kitchen countertops can add an important design element to your space. When deciding on your new countertop material, it is essential to know the difference between popular options. They vary in their durability, appearance, maintenance, and more. 

Read on to discover gorgeous countertop options so you can choose the best one for your needs to create your dream kitchen

Stunning Countertops for Your Kitchen 

When looking for the ideal countertop for your kitchen renovation, define your needs and desires, then find the best match in materials. As you explore the options, think about what is most important to you when choosing a new countertop.

Consider the design and overall cohesion of your kitchen. Will the countertop you decide on work well with the cabinets, flooring, and additional design elements in your space? Consider the counter material’s:

  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Heat resistance
  • Cost
  • Stain resistance
  • Maintenance 
  • Scratch and chip resistance

Quartz Surface

If you love the look of natural stone like marble or granite, but you do not want to worry about its strength, quartz is the surface for you. This engineered stone material often includes an antibacterial agent and is quickly gaining popularity over natural stone countertops. It is made of pulverized waste rock and resins (for hardness). Quartz counters are less susceptible to scratching than solid surface counters. They are heavy and require professional installation. 

Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is waterproof, making its upkeep simple. Quartz is non-porous, super hard, and will never need to be resealed. It is a smart investment particularly if you have a big family, cook a lot, or just want durable countertops that are built to last. 

Many homeowners appreciate the beauty of quartz, and their hard-working kitchens need a durable counter solution, so it is their top pick for a kitchen upgrade. It withstands spills, hot pots and sharp knives with ease. Its price point is comparable to natural granite.


The standard for years, this beautiful natural stone delivers superb durability. Available in a wide range of colors from dark to light with all kinds of flecks and variations, granite elevates the look of your kitchen instantly and adds value to your house. Its edge can be customized to your desire—square, beveled, or S-shaped. 

The low maintenance of granite is appealing. Just be careful to avoid harsh cleaning products when you clean it. It is best to get a plant-based granite counter cleaner, or simply use soap and water. Some granite counters need to be resealed periodically because they are more porous than others. 

Its heat resistance means you can put pots directly on it from the stove or oven. Just do not cut on your granite countertops as they are so strong they could dull your knives. 

Solid Surface

This synthetic material was developed as an alternative to stone. It resembles natural stones like granite or even marble. It can be molded into one piece and seams sanded so you do not see them, and your sink can be integrated right into your countertop as one piece. As a side note, it also works really well in bathrooms.

Its simple maintenance and modest price point make it an attractive option. It is, however, a fairly soft material and can crack or get scratched. Minor scratches can be sanded or buffed out with sandpaper. 

Wood Countertops

Solid wood countertops add warmth to your kitchen. They are one of the strongest material choices available, and they are durable when well maintained. Consider solid wood for your island and another material for the remainder of your counters. This gives you a dedicated chopping area for meal preparation. 

Wood can be scratched, but it is easy to fix by sanding it lightly and rubbing oil on it. Wood counters come in a matte or high-gloss finish depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve. 

Butcher Block

Gorgeous butcher block counters are slabs made of several pieces of wood bound together with glue. They warm up a kitchen’s aesthetics and create rustic charm. The finish on butcher block counters comes in a variety of options and influences how they handle stains and water. Depending on the finish you choose, they may require resealing over time. They scratch easily, and are modestly priced depending on the type of wood in their makeup. 


Laminate counters, also called by the brand name—Formica—were popular in the 80s and 90s. But today’s laminate counters do not look like they came out of the 90s. They can mimic the appearance of wood and stone for a fraction of the price. This non-porous material will not absorb bacteria, is simple to clean, and never needs to be resealed. 

With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, laminate is a good option if you want to renovate your kitchen yourself. It is a DIY-friendly option many are familiar with. It does not add substantially to the value of your property like other countertop materials do, and it can chip easily. But if you are looking for a simple upgrade you can install yourself, laminate countertops are a good option. Laminate is a lightweight material, which makes it easy to maneuver and install. 

Cultured Marble and Onyx Countertops

Cultured marble is a blend of stone particles and resins combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and natural-looking patterns—cultured marble and onyx among them. It is beautiful, easy to clean, mildew resistant, customizable, durable, and affordable! 


Tile is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes from classic squares to subway tiles, and trendy hexagons. It comes in a variety of materials from natural stone to ceramic, and delivers beauty and durability. You can combine colors and shapes to create a unique design. Another benefit of tile is that it does not stain and it is heat resistant.

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