Top Tips to Make Packing & Prepping for a Kitchen Remodel Easy

Prepping for a Kitchen Remodel

So, the day of your kitchen remodel is finally here—and no doubt, you are excited. The end results of a well-planned kitchen renovation promise to provide years of enjoyment as you prep food, entertain, and make memories in the heart of your home. Of course, before you get to enjoy the end results, you must first prepare to welcome in the remodeling crew to do their work. 

Fortunately, the process of upgrading your kitchen space can be streamlined to make it as convenient for you and as straightforward for the remodeling team as possible. These preparation tips will help you minimize any disruptions and make the most out of this exciting time.

9 Ways to Prepare for Your Kitchen Renovation

Follow these steps as you get your house ready for your kitchen upgrades—they are all designed to make your life simpler and more streamlined during your renovations.

1. Gather the Right Packing Materials

Compile everything you need to pack up your kitchen items, such as cardboard boxes of various sizes and plastic containers with tops. Include ample bubble wrap and packing tape to wrap and secure breakable objects. Seal and store in a closet anything you do not plan to use during the renovation, such as holiday plates, platters, punch bowls, and specialized bakeware. 

2. Purge and Donate Items You No Longer Use

As you go through your kitchen, create a separate pile of anything you do not wish to keep. Be honest about what you use, and remove outdated, expired, or broken dishes, cups, utensils, countertop appliances, etc. If it has been a while since you have made such a purge, you might find yourself with a lot to donate or toss—which means fewer boxes to move and unpack later.

3. Set Aside Everyday Items for Easy Access 

While a kitchen renovation involves moving a lot of items into storage, you will likely want to be able to use certain everyday supplies. Set aside everything you know you will need access to during the remodeling—such as bowls, plates, favorite pots and pans, forks, knives and spoons, your go-to spices, snacks, and pet food. These items can be placed in easy-to-access bins with covers or plastic zip-lock bags, so they stay clean when not in use.

4. Be Thorough as You Clear Your Kitchen and Nearby Rooms

Remember that a kitchen remodel involves the entire space and can involve dust and debris as the team does their work. Remove everything that you can, including curtains and curtain rods, plants, and wall decorations, as well as food, small appliances, and breakables. Consider covering furnishings in adjacent rooms to lessen dust accumulation.

5. Label and Organize Everything

Renovations are less stressful when your boxes are well organized and clearly labeled. Gather items that have a similar use or function and pack them together. It is also helpful to number each box and mark down what they contain so you can find items later with ease. You might also keep a video log or a voice memo of what you put in each box, and save it on your phone for reference.

6. Create a Temporary Kitchen

Most homeowners like to have some space set aside for everyday needs. Consider placing a folding table just off the kitchen to hold the coffee maker, paper plates, utensils, cleaning supplies, commonly used gadgets, and other daily items. Remember that if you will be moving large appliances that you still would like to use during your renovation, those items will need access to electrical outlets (perhaps outside the kitchen). If it is more convenient, you might invest in a hot plate or a toaster ovenfor quick cooking and a mini-fridge rather than moving large appliances.

7. Plan Meals in Advance

With a kitchen in the middle of upgrades, planning ahead makes things go more smoothly. Make a list of meals that are simple to prepare and easy to reheat, such as sandwiches and pasta. If possible, grill food outdoors for tasty meals that do not require the use of kitchen appliances. If you have a secondary storage area, such as a second refrigerator or freezer in your garage, maximize its use.

8. Protect Your Pets

If your dogs and cats normally have full run of the house—or at least, full access to the kitchen—then it will help to plan how to keep them out of the space they are used to being in. This may mean keeping them in other rooms, blocking off access with pet gates, and moving food and water bowls to a quiet, clean area.

9. Clear a Path for the Renovation Crew

To get a good sense of what to expect during the remodeling phase, speak with your project manager. Find out when the team will show up and leave each day. Ensure the dumpster will be placed conveniently, and ask any other questions that come to mind. Discuss how crew members will enter and exit the work area, so that you can move furnishings out of the way. Breakable or valuable items can be moved temporarily to a shed, garage, or storage unit.

Enjoy a Beautiful New Kitchen by Beissel Renovation 

Once the preparations and packing are completed, you will be ready to watch as your kitchen is transformed into a lovely, spacious area that makes it a pleasure to cook and entertain. If you are still envisioning the design possibilities for your new kitchen, our expert team is here to serve you. 

At Beissel Renovation, we give personal attention to every aspect of your remodel, so that your kitchen is a perfect match for your style, preferences, goals, and budget. Explore our gallery of completed projects—and gather ideas and inspiration for your own dream kitchen renovation.