Adding Square Footage to your home.

Adding Square Footage: Which Home & Room Addition Fits You Best?

Dreaming of having extra space in your home? An addition gives you more room to relax and entertain, while also increasing the overall value of your house. There are so many ways to achieve that extra spaciousness! If you are contemplating an addition, you have ample practical options to choose from. It is simply a matter of deciding what works best for you.

Envision the possibilities by exploring below the many types of additions that our skilled team can create for you—and see our tips for how to choose between them.

Traditional Room Additions

When homeowners think about adding a room, this approach is usually the first idea that comes to mind. A traditional addition builds outward from your house’s exterior with an entirely new structure—and it is typically done to give you a full room’s worth of space. The most common bump-outs include:

New Bedroom

In many houses, bedrooms are at a premium. Whether you have a growing family with children, a parent moving in, a need for a guest bedroom, or a desire to create a larger primary suite, this type of addition is practical and fun,too. It is a good choice for making your house more livable, and an additional bedroom is appealing when you decide to sell.

Additional Bathroom

Smaller houses often lack sufficient bath space, but installing a roomy new bathroom solves that. The added room can take many forms, depending on what suits your needs—such as a bath for a bedroom that does not yet have one, a guest bath, or a brand-new spa bath with a walk-in closet to expand your primary bedroom suite.

Family/Entertainment Room

For those who want an area dedicated to entertaining or relaxing indoors, a bump-out great room is a popular choice. It is an excellent way to create the space for an in-home theater, a game room with built-in screens and surround sound, or ample seating with a bar, sink, and more.

Sunroom/Season Room

Sunrooms and season rooms create a beautiful blend of indoor/outdoor living that many people appreciate. If you like the idea of having a comfortable place to sit and enjoy morning sun and fresh air, or afternoon sunsets during the winter, this type of space is for you. Your season room can be walled in with multiple windows, insulated to be cozy year-round, custom-designed with premium materials, or prefabricated and then attached to your exterior.

Room Conversions

Often, homeowners have all the rooms they want or need in their layout—but one or two of those rooms are being underutilized. Perhaps they were not finished with full electrical, plumbing, and drywall. Converting or finishing those spaces would give you additional square footage that functions the way you dream it would. Popular options include:

Attic or Basement Finishing

If you are looking for added space without changing your existing footprint, consider turning your attic or basement into a fully functioning room. Often, attics and basements have been framed out and simply need ceilings and walls to be finished properly. This can be a cost-effective method for getting an extra bedroom, playroom, or home office.

Garage Transformation

Another creative way to achieve more living space without building out or up is to convert your garage. This is an attractive option for people who desire a game room, entertainment area, extra bedroom—or even a room to rent out. If you have other places to keep cars and stored items, turning your garage into a living space can be a smart option.

Multi-Room Addition

When you desire a lot of extra square footage that will serve different purposes, then look into additions that incorporate several rooms. This approach streamlines your remodel and allows the design to be cohesive. Common options include:

Conventional Add-on at Ground Level

This type of addition builds rooms outward from your existing house’s footprint. It requires you to extend your foundation and take up more land, so they are a good fit for those who have a large amount of acreage. This type of addition is similar to full construction of a new house, and it is important to work with a team that can design the structure so that it smoothly blends with your existing rooms to create a cohesive look.

Second-Story Build

If your available land is limited or you prefer not to use up your existing yard for living space, then building up instead of out is an appealing alternative. The benefit of this option is that it can double your living space without using any land, while also significantly increasing your home’s value. You might choose this option if you and your loved ones can easily navigate stairs.

In-Law Suite

For homeowners who want to create room for aging relatives, adding on an in-law suite allows them the dignity of aging in place. Such additions usually include installing a kitchenette and an accessible bathroom, as well as a separate entrance. This can also be part of your own long-term planning, allowing you to stay in your home longer when the time comes. 

Bump-Out Addition

If a few additional square feet will allow for greater comfort in a room or two, then a bump-out will serve you well. This technique does not require you to create a full room structure, but simply pushes out a wall a few feet, which your existing foundation can support. It is ideal when you want to extend your kitchen, turn a half-bath into a full one, or expand a bedroom to accomodate a larger bed or a closet.

Achieve Your Dream House with a Beautiful Addition Designed by Beissel Renovation

As you can see, however you would like your home to grow, there is an addition to suit your personal preferences—and we can help you accomplish it. Our expert design team at Beissel Renovation will listen to your goals, answer your questions, and offer creative and knowledgeable input so you can make informed decisions. Explore our home addition services and begin envisioning the possibilities for your property today.

Prepping for a Kitchen Remodel

Top Tips to Make Packing & Prepping for a Kitchen Remodel Easy

So, the day of your kitchen remodel is finally here—and no doubt, you are excited. The end results of a well-planned kitchen renovation promise to provide years of enjoyment as you prep food, entertain, and make memories in the heart of your home. Of course, before you get to enjoy the end results, you must first prepare to welcome in the remodeling crew to do their work. 

Fortunately, the process of upgrading your kitchen space can be streamlined to make it as convenient for you and as straightforward for the remodeling team as possible. These preparation tips will help you minimize any disruptions and make the most out of this exciting time.

9 Ways to Prepare for Your Kitchen Renovation

Follow these steps as you get your house ready for your kitchen upgrades—they are all designed to make your life simpler and more streamlined during your renovations.

1. Gather the Right Packing Materials

Compile everything you need to pack up your kitchen items, such as cardboard boxes of various sizes and plastic containers with tops. Include ample bubble wrap and packing tape to wrap and secure breakable objects. Seal and store in a closet anything you do not plan to use during the renovation, such as holiday plates, platters, punch bowls, and specialized bakeware. 

2. Purge and Donate Items You No Longer Use

As you go through your kitchen, create a separate pile of anything you do not wish to keep. Be honest about what you use, and remove outdated, expired, or broken dishes, cups, utensils, countertop appliances, etc. If it has been a while since you have made such a purge, you might find yourself with a lot to donate or toss—which means fewer boxes to move and unpack later.

3. Set Aside Everyday Items for Easy Access 

While a kitchen renovation involves moving a lot of items into storage, you will likely want to be able to use certain everyday supplies. Set aside everything you know you will need access to during the remodeling—such as bowls, plates, favorite pots and pans, forks, knives and spoons, your go-to spices, snacks, and pet food. These items can be placed in easy-to-access bins with covers or plastic zip-lock bags, so they stay clean when not in use.

4. Be Thorough as You Clear Your Kitchen and Nearby Rooms

Remember that a kitchen remodel involves the entire space and can involve dust and debris as the team does their work. Remove everything that you can, including curtains and curtain rods, plants, and wall decorations, as well as food, small appliances, and breakables. Consider covering furnishings in adjacent rooms to lessen dust accumulation.

5. Label and Organize Everything

Renovations are less stressful when your boxes are well organized and clearly labeled. Gather items that have a similar use or function and pack them together. It is also helpful to number each box and mark down what they contain so you can find items later with ease. You might also keep a video log or a voice memo of what you put in each box, and save it on your phone for reference.

6. Create a Temporary Kitchen

Most homeowners like to have some space set aside for everyday needs. Consider placing a folding table just off the kitchen to hold the coffee maker, paper plates, utensils, cleaning supplies, commonly used gadgets, and other daily items. Remember that if you will be moving large appliances that you still would like to use during your renovation, those items will need access to electrical outlets (perhaps outside the kitchen). If it is more convenient, you might invest in a hot plate or a toaster ovenfor quick cooking and a mini-fridge rather than moving large appliances.

7. Plan Meals in Advance

With a kitchen in the middle of upgrades, planning ahead makes things go more smoothly. Make a list of meals that are simple to prepare and easy to reheat, such as sandwiches and pasta. If possible, grill food outdoors for tasty meals that do not require the use of kitchen appliances. If you have a secondary storage area, such as a second refrigerator or freezer in your garage, maximize its use.

8. Protect Your Pets

If your dogs and cats normally have full run of the house—or at least, full access to the kitchen—then it will help to plan how to keep them out of the space they are used to being in. This may mean keeping them in other rooms, blocking off access with pet gates, and moving food and water bowls to a quiet, clean area.

9. Clear a Path for the Renovation Crew

To get a good sense of what to expect during the remodeling phase, speak with your project manager. Find out when the team will show up and leave each day. Ensure the dumpster will be placed conveniently, and ask any other questions that come to mind. Discuss how crew members will enter and exit the work area, so that you can move furnishings out of the way. Breakable or valuable items can be moved temporarily to a shed, garage, or storage unit.

Enjoy a Beautiful New Kitchen by Beissel Renovation 

Once the preparations and packing are completed, you will be ready to watch as your kitchen is transformed into a lovely, spacious area that makes it a pleasure to cook and entertain. If you are still envisioning the design possibilities for your new kitchen, our expert team is here to serve you. 

At Beissel Renovation, we give personal attention to every aspect of your remodel, so that your kitchen is a perfect match for your style, preferences, goals, and budget. Explore our gallery of completed projects—and gather ideas and inspiration for your own dream kitchen renovation.

Increase home's selling appeal with a remodeled bathroom.

Selling Your Home? Increase Its Appeal with a Remodeled Bathroom

Are you planning to sell your house soon? Performing the right remodeling projects can significantly influence how appealing your home is to buyers. And one of the best ways to get a solid return on your investment is through a bathroom upgrade.

Simply put, renovating your bathroom makes your house more attractive to those who tour it, raising the chances of a strong buyer offer. Here is a closer look at how a revamped bathroom benefits you—both now as you enjoy the results for your own personal use, as well as in a few years when you place your house on the market.

What Makes a Bathroom Remodel So Valuable?

Home purchasers consider the bathroom a highly important feature. If the existing bath is crowded, worn-down, or outdated, buyers cannot help thinking they will have to do a lot of work to get the room the way they would like it to be. Some may even wonder if the bathroom’s underpinnings—like the pipes—need repair too. An outdated bathroom may cause buyers to decide it is not worth bidding on your house.

On the other hand, when bathrooms look modern and eye-catching, purchasers can envision themselves enjoying those spaces. Buyers who like a house’s bathrooms are more likely to offer an attractive bid, which means your property is more likely to sell quickly—which can be a definite benefit. 

How to Evaluate Whether Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

As you prepare your house for sale down the road, it pays to weigh what features to update and which to leave as they are. Some questions to think about and research include:

What is your local real estate market like?

Historically, our region (including all of Minnesota) tends to earn back around 58-59% return on the investment (ROI) in a bathroom renovation. But ROI is not the only aspect to consider. Some local neighborhoods may see higher returns on an updated bathroom. Some homes in your area may be selling faster because they feature new bathrooms with the latest in luxurious features. Consult a real estate agent who knows your area well to see what they suggest for your specific house.

What is your bathroom’s current condition?

If your bath is a little outdated but still quite functional in every way, then a full renovation down to the bones of the room may not be the best use of your resources. Cosmetic upgrades may be sufficient to help the bathroom look attractive at a more affordable cost. Examples include include a fresh coat of paint, new white caulking, and clean grout.

However, if there are major concerns such as damaged plumbing, electrical issues, mold growth, or missing tiles, your home may not pass inspection without repairs—meaning your property will take longer to sell. Buyers will likely offer a lower bid or ask for fixes to be made before the sale is complete, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. In this case, a remodel is a smart move, as it will make the entire sales process easier due to fewer distractions about projects the buyer will feel compelled to do right away.

Is your bathroom’s layout sufficiently appealing?

Many houses include bathrooms that are simply out-of-date in terms of how usable they are. Today, people have certain expectations about their bath spaces that you should consider accommodating, especially if your goal is to sell for top dollar. If your baths have tubs and showers that are hard to climb into, with slippery flooring surfaces and faucets that are not efficient, many buyers will not be interested. 

Updating to modern fixtures, including walk-in showers, efficient toilets, and even smart-tech lighting and built-in sound systems can all appeal to buyers. If the bathroom is crowded and hard to maneuver in, it can be worth gutting it to create a more spacious layout with attractive built-in storage that new owners would appreciate.

The Best Remodeling Choices for Upgrading Your Bathroom Before Selling

As you plan out your bathroom updates, weigh what type of approach you prefer to take, including your budget, the features that most need upgrades, and even what you would most enjoy for yourself before you put your property up for sale.

Bathroom Features Most Likely to Increase Your Resale Value

If your goal is to get the greatest return on your investment, there are several bathroom features worth concentrating on. To gain the best return, consider replacing old-fashioned tubs with contemporary walk-in showers, installing modern cabinets, adding elegant double sinks and sleek new countertops, as well as new flooring and crisp, eye-catching tiles.

Bath Upgrades That Tend to Yield a Lower ROI

Some bathroom features may not appeal to every home buyer, so they may not earn back as much when you sell. But if you will be remaining in your house for at least a few years, it can be worthwhile to invest in what matters to your own enjoyment—such as a jet tub or a steam shower.

Simple Cosmetic Updates That Give a Bathroom Visual Style

If the bones of your bathroom are good and its features are mostly up-to-date, simply give the space a refresh in its appearance with new light fixtures, a fresh coat of paint in your favorite soothing color, beautiful new mirrors and updated shelving.

Give Your Bathroom a Lovely Makeover that Adds Substantial Value to Your Home

Whether your goal is to place your house on the market for sale right away or in several years, a bathroom renovation can help you make the most your property while you live there—as well as prepare for a fast, profitable sale in the future. At Beissel Renovation, our experienced, customer-focused people take pride in serving you with excellence. Picture your home with a gorgeous new bathroom remodel—installed right the first time by our local team.

Maximizing space in your home's small bathroom with Beissel Renovation.

How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

When square footage is limited in your bathroom, every inch counts. If you are looking for smart and efficient solutions to your bathroom dilemma, think of how you can minimize its necessary elements to maximize the space. 

High-traffic bathroom areas can easily become cluttered, so concealing toiletries in beautiful baskets can keep it organized. Discover how you can give your compact bathroom a spacious feel without compromising its function or beauty. 

12 Renovations that Maximize Space in Your Small Bathroom

1. Make the most of your bathroom’s layout

Choose a narrow vanity (or a corner vanity if space permits!) with multiple drawers and compartments under the sink, and put every inch of your drawer space to work for you. Use dividers inside drawers and give each item a place to belong within them so you can find things easily on busy mornings. If necessary, select a stylish floating vanity and use the open area under it for stylish baskets for storage. 

If you are frustrated with the limited amount of storage in your vanity, consider using your wall space. Add a couple of attractive modern-looking shelves and store items neatly in baskets or display them on the shelves. Or, install a wall niche (recessed shelves) by cutting a cavity into your drywall between the studs, then building shelves in it to utilize the space. This very helpful in your shower or tub enclosure, too.

2. Switch out your bathroom door for a pocket door

Tuck your bathroom door into the wall with a sliding pocket door to instantly gain space in your bathroom. 

3. Add mirrors to give the illusion of more space

Mirrors reflect light, open up the room, and enhance colors. Hang multiple mirrors in your quaint bathroom to “up” its feel and style. In fact, anything that reflects light that you add to the room will have the same effect (like chrome or brass fixtures, soap holders, and other décor). 

4. Brighten up the walls so they look bigger

Illuminate your quaint bathroom with a cheerful, light hue to make the space seem larger. Or add an accent wall to introduce more depth and variety.  

5. Install a space-saving smart toilet

Sleek smart toilets are the most popular smart feature homeowners are adding to their bathrooms. They save space and offer built-in luxuries that make a difference. Popular features include things like a seat warmer, a built-in bidet, your favorite music, a night light, an automatic flush feature, and an automatic lid. They basically clean themselves, saving you time regularly. 

6. Remove your bathtub and replace it with a shower

Taking your bathtub out of the space will free up square footage to enjoy in a compact bathroom. If space permits, add a corner shower or make your shower part of the room by installing a curbless one. 

7. Opt for a Japanese soaking tub

Do not miss out on the luxury of a soaking tub just because you have limited space and want to keep a bathtub. Japanese soaking tubs allow you to sit upright instead of laying horizontally when you take a bath. Their shape takes up less space than regular tubs, and they can fit into tighter areas in a more compact bathroom. 

8. Save space with a shower door or curtain

If your shower door swings open and uses precious space in your current bathroom, change it out for a sliding door or a shower curtain.  

9. Add a medicine cabinet

Storage is vital in every bathroom, so as long as you are going to have a mirror on the wall anyway, why not put it to work as a storage cabinet by installing a medicine cabinet. You can occupy it with items you use daily in your bathroom as well as medicine. 

10. Install a shelf over your bathroom door

The wall space above your door is fair game for storage, so why not add an attractive shelf and use it for your guest towels or other things you do not need access to every day? 

11. Place your towels on a hook

Towel racks take up precious space, so opt for a couple of attractive hooks on the wall (or the back of your bathroom door) instead. Or, if you have a sliding shower door, put your towels on the sliding door. 

12. Get creative with your storage needs

  • Roll your towels. Towels can be big, bulky, and take up precious space if you are storing them in your bathroom. Opt to roll them up and place them in a towel holder that you can either place in an empty corner of the bathroom or mount on the wall. 
  • Make a narrow floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Install a narrow shelving unit for everyday necessities. Store the things you need most where they are easiest to access, and put cleaning products on the very top shelf. 
  • Add a slim cabinet between your sink and toilet. The space between your sink and toilet can be creatively put to use with a slim cabinet for added storage space. Make the toilet paper roll easy to access on the slender shelf, as the cabinet is monopolizing the space traditionally intended just for toilet paper. 
  • Add bath trays to utilize space. Create a spa-like ambiance with a bath tray on your soaking tub. Let the tray house your favorite bathing essentials like bath salts, a candle, a good book, and essential oils. 
  • Create a shower nook. Carve out a niche in your shower wall for your bathing necessities. 

Transform Your Home’s Bathroom with Exceptional Design

Regardless of how big or small your bathroom is, it should be functional and beautiful. Do not settle for an inadequate bathroom design. Upgrade your space with a modern renovation that exudes style and generously meets your needs.  

At Beissel Renovation, we are known for exciting renovation solutions and exceptional craftsmanship. Our custom bathroom designs offer unparalleled excellence. Learn how our bathroom renovation services can maximize your space and deliver the luxury and amenities you desire. 

Gorgeous popular bathroom features for your home's remodel.

Popular Bathroom Features for Your Next Remodel

Start and end your day right by upgrading your bathroom for comfort and convenience. Treat yourself to the luxury of a personalized oasis with spa-inspired features in your remodel. 

Explore these twelve key elements for a premium bathroom renovation that enhances daily relaxation and rejuvenation.

Inspiration for Your Bathroom Remodel 

1. Relax in an attractive soaking tub

Submerging in a warm bath helps increase blood flow to your skin, which rejuvenates and nourishes skin cells and improves your complexion. Adding oil to your bath will keep your skin moisturized, and essential oils create a relaxing aromatherapy element that refreshes the soul. 

Choose a freestanding tub style, size, and material that transforms your bathroom to a spa-like sanctuary. Opt for modern hardware that adds a touch of class, and you are all set. 

2. Indulge in greater comfort with heated flooring

Minnesota winters are known for snowstorms and extreme temperatures. So when it is tough to get out from under the blankets in the morning, knowing your feet will be treated to heated flooring can make all the difference. Toasty tile flooring in your bathroom makes mornings (or any time of the day) comfy. And the tile’s warmth lingers, adding value to your property and saving you consistently on utilities.

3. Step out of the tub and into a pre-warmed towel 

There is something about wrapping up in a heated towel that makes the cold air more forgiving. Once you experience this luxury, there is no going back to chilly towels. This simple upgrade will delight you daily as you pamper yourself. 

4. Splurge on a gorgeous vanity with generous storage 

Keep a decluttered look in your bathroom by including a vanity with plenty of storage. Use dividers within drawers so everything you require is easy to find when your daily routine needs to be swift. Choose a vanity countertop material that offers style and durability. 

5. Increase natural light and ventilation by adding a window that opens 

Most bathrooms experience humidity, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Add a small window (that opens!) and increase air circulation while boosting natural light in your space. Opt for beveled glass for privacy, and consider a double-hung or casement window for ease of operation (particularly if you need to reach over something to open your window). 

6. Get a smart toilet—you will love it 

While there are many smart features homeowners are adding to their bathrooms, the smart toilet is by far the most popular. Why? Because it comes with modern conveniences: 

  • Takes up less space than a traditional toilet
  • Cleans itself
  • Includes automatic flushing
  • Protects against overflowing
  • Saves water
  • Includes a seat warmer for greater comfort
  • Offers a night light/illumination feature
  • Streams music through Bluetooth connection
  • Includes an environmentally-friendly bidet 

7. Get the best of both worlds with a wet room

If your bathroom does not have enough space for a freestanding tub and a shower too, a wet room may be the perfect solution. A glass enclosure separates the wet room part of your bathroom from the remainder of the space, allowing for showering and bathing to be done in proximity. This modern amenity delivers a contemporary look to your space while providing the convenience and function you need.  

8. Include special shower elements that rejuvenate you 

A rainfall shower head allows for a soothing experience. A steam shower, body sprayer, and side sprays all enhance daily showers. A glass-walled shower, plus ceramic tile flooring and walls within it, add to the sophisticated elegance of your shower space. 

9. Make a statement with a fashionable backsplash

Add interest to your bathroom with a stunning backsplash. Amp up its visual appeal with patterned tile extended from your vanity to the ceiling. Mount a modern circular, oval, or rectangular mirror over each sink, and enjoy!

10. Illuminate your bathroom with stylish fixtures

Begin with ceiling lights for ambient (general) lighting. Select a memorable chandelier, pendant lights, flush mount lights, semi-flush mount lights, or recessed lighting. Add task bathroom lighting around your mirror and in the vanity area. Choose from a light on each side of your mirror, or install a light above the mirror to save space. 

11. Tuck in a linen cabinet for convenience

In addition to a vanity with ample storage, including a convenient linen cabinet in your bathroom remodel ensures you always have what you need at your fingertips. Store plush towels, wash cloths, and other bathroom necessities in this attractive, concealed space. 

12. Add live greenery for a finishing touch

Purify your bathroom’s air, and fill the atmosphere with a sense of calm by adding fresh greenery to your space. Why not take advantage of the moisture in the air with a potted plant or two in your updated bathroom? 

  • English ivy – Hang it up and let its trailing vines create an eye-catching look. 
  • Fern – Fill sparse corners or hang it up to make the most of its spreading leaves.
  • Majesty palms – Their love for humidity makes the bathroom a perfect spot for these beauties

Transform Your Dreams into Reality with a Stunning Bathroom Remodel

If you feel like you’ve been settling for a mundane bathroom that simply gets the job done, then we hope you have been inspired. You can enjoy a daily spa-like experience in a renovated bathroom designed with your desires in mind!

Our team at Beissel Renovation will treat your house with the same respect as we do our own. Once your renovation is complete, our door is always open and we check in to make sure you are satisfied with your bathroom remodel. Take a look at our bathroom remodeling services and envision the bathroom upgrade you have been dreaming of. 

Flooring option for your home's kitchen remodel by Beissel Renovation.

Six Flooring Options to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen flooring receives a high volume of foot traffic and daily wear, which means it is important to choose flooring that is beautiful and durable. When considering popular options like hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, bamboo, and concrete, look for those that deliver memorable and lasting style, practical function, low maintenance, and comfort before making your final decision.

Here are some things to consider as you explore kitchen flooring options.

The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Flooring Options

1. Ceramic Tile

This extremely durable kitchen flooring option is easy to clean and resistant to heat. It is highly customizable, so you can achieve the perfect look for your space. This is the most moisture-resistant kitchen flooring option available, making it a popular choice. Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, it can mimic the look of wood or stone. When it is installed correctly and maintained well, it lasts for many years and keeps looking great!

Cons: While it is easy to clean, you may need to have it professionally cleaned on occasion to brighten up the grout between your tile.

2. Hardwood

This durable flooring option works well throughout your kitchen (and entire house). Modern sealers and polyurethane finishes can be applied to hardwood flooring to improve the resistance to moisture, which can often be a factor in kitchens. 

Hardwood is a comfortable flooring material to stand on, delivers a great return on investment (ROI), and increases the value of your house. Hardwood flooring comes in various color and style options, so you can achieve the aesthetic you desire. 

Cons: While hardwood is easy to refinish, it may get scratched or show signs of moisture issues over time.

3. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Traditional vinyl flooring has been a homeowner’s budget-friendly choice for many years, but can wear quickly and tends to fade, leaving your kitchen looking less than ideal. On the other hand, luxury vinyl flooring can last up to twice as long as traditional vinyl flooring!

Luxury vinyl flooring is customizable, can mimic the look of wood or natural stone, and is available in tiles or planks. This water-resistant, stain-resistant, and non-porous flooring option is simple to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for homeowners. 

Cons: Traditional vinyl flooring lasts about 10 years, and luxury vinyl lasts about 20 years, so although the initial investment is appealing, you may need to replace your kitchen floor sooner than with other flooring material options, like hardwood or ceramic tile. 

4.  Bamboo 

If you want the look hardwood floors provide, but with greater moisture resistance, bamboo is worth considering. Its manufacturing process makes it more resistant to water damage, and therefore more durable when used in kitchens. Like hardwood floors, some bamboo floors can be refinished.The three types of bamboo flooring include:

  • Strand Woven is known for its durability. This solid bamboo flooring is pressed and made into planks.
  • Engineered Bamboo is made of planks topped with bamboo and a waterproof coating. 
  • Solid Bamboo is made by bonding sliced bamboo together. 

Cons: Bamboo easily absorbs water, so if you do choose this flooring option, Strand Woven or Engineered Bamboo is recommended over Solid Bamboo.

5. Concrete 

Concrete flooring delivers amazing durability when installed by an experienced remodeling contractor. It will not scratch or dent, and it can be sealed, making it almost entirely waterproof. Concrete flooring can deliver a fashionable, high-end look, giving you years of low-maintenance enjoyment. 

This eco-friendly flooring option can improve indoor air quality by inhibiting mold, mildew and odors, and it contains no potentially harmful VOCs. Concrete has a variety of customizable options and comes in a range of colors and textures:

  • Stains give concrete flooring a translucent finish with a distinct aesthetic. 
  • Dyes are added to concrete on-site, and create a more vibrant hue. 
  • Paint can be applied to concrete flooring for the perfect look.
  • Integral color is added to concrete during the mixing process. 
  • Texture options include troweled, smooth, or polished concrete. 
  • Stamped concrete offers distinct patterns such as tile, stone, or wood. 

Cons: Concrete is a hard material, so it may not be as comfortable to stand on as other flooring options. If you drop your favorite glass goblet on it, the chances of it shattering are high. Area rugs can help dampen the blow if you want better protection and comfort. Due to the change in temperature and settling, concrete can also develop cracks over time, even when it is installed correctly. 

6. Laminate

Homeowners who want the look of hardwood floors but with a more budget-friendly price often turn to laminate flooring. This multi-layer product has a photo layer (a well-rendered photo of wood within a durable clear coating) that has been applied to a particle board or fiberboard backing. Its floating plank design is easy to install. 

Cons: Laminate is less durable than other flooring options. In the past, it did not have a great track record as a water-resistant flooring option, but the newer, high-end laminates have more reliable water-resistant abilities. 

Get the Beautiful Kitchen Remodel You Have Been Dreaming Of

As the heart of your home, every aspect of your kitchen renovation should contribute to the beauty and function of this important space. New flooring and other kitchen remodeling projects can create the ideal backdrop where meals are prepared and shared, memories are made, and relationships are nurtured.

Drawing on over 73 years of experience, our team at Beissel Renovation understands the significance of every detail in crafting the perfect kitchen space. With our expertise, we seamlessly blend stylish elements and premium materials to create the contemporary upgrade you envision. Discover how our kitchen remodeling services can transform your dreams into reality!

Choose the right countertop for your home's kitchen with Beissel Renovation.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen

Well-appointed kitchen countertops can add an important design element to your space. When deciding on your new countertop material, it is essential to know the difference between popular options. They vary in their durability, appearance, maintenance, and more. 

Read on to discover gorgeous countertop options so you can choose the best one for your needs to create your dream kitchen

Stunning Countertops for Your Kitchen 

When looking for the ideal countertop for your kitchen renovation, define your needs and desires, then find the best match in materials. As you explore the options, think about what is most important to you when choosing a new countertop.

Consider the design and overall cohesion of your kitchen. Will the countertop you decide on work well with the cabinets, flooring, and additional design elements in your space? Consider the counter material’s:

  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Heat resistance
  • Cost
  • Stain resistance
  • Maintenance 
  • Scratch and chip resistance

Quartz Surface

If you love the look of natural stone like marble or granite, but you do not want to worry about its strength, quartz is the surface for you. This engineered stone material often includes an antibacterial agent and is quickly gaining popularity over natural stone countertops. It is made of pulverized waste rock and resins (for hardness). Quartz counters are less susceptible to scratching than solid surface counters. They are heavy and require professional installation. 

Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is waterproof, making its upkeep simple. Quartz is non-porous, super hard, and will never need to be resealed. It is a smart investment particularly if you have a big family, cook a lot, or just want durable countertops that are built to last. 

Many homeowners appreciate the beauty of quartz, and their hard-working kitchens need a durable counter solution, so it is their top pick for a kitchen upgrade. It withstands spills, hot pots and sharp knives with ease. Its price point is comparable to natural granite.


The standard for years, this beautiful natural stone delivers superb durability. Available in a wide range of colors from dark to light with all kinds of flecks and variations, granite elevates the look of your kitchen instantly and adds value to your house. Its edge can be customized to your desire—square, beveled, or S-shaped. 

The low maintenance of granite is appealing. Just be careful to avoid harsh cleaning products when you clean it. It is best to get a plant-based granite counter cleaner, or simply use soap and water. Some granite counters need to be resealed periodically because they are more porous than others. 

Its heat resistance means you can put pots directly on it from the stove or oven. Just do not cut on your granite countertops as they are so strong they could dull your knives. 

Solid Surface

This synthetic material was developed as an alternative to stone. It resembles natural stones like granite or even marble. It can be molded into one piece and seams sanded so you do not see them, and your sink can be integrated right into your countertop as one piece. As a side note, it also works really well in bathrooms.

Its simple maintenance and modest price point make it an attractive option. It is, however, a fairly soft material and can crack or get scratched. Minor scratches can be sanded or buffed out with sandpaper. 

Wood Countertops

Solid wood countertops add warmth to your kitchen. They are one of the strongest material choices available, and they are durable when well maintained. Consider solid wood for your island and another material for the remainder of your counters. This gives you a dedicated chopping area for meal preparation. 

Wood can be scratched, but it is easy to fix by sanding it lightly and rubbing oil on it. Wood counters come in a matte or high-gloss finish depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve. 

Butcher Block

Gorgeous butcher block counters are slabs made of several pieces of wood bound together with glue. They warm up a kitchen’s aesthetics and create rustic charm. The finish on butcher block counters comes in a variety of options and influences how they handle stains and water. Depending on the finish you choose, they may require resealing over time. They scratch easily, and are modestly priced depending on the type of wood in their makeup. 


Laminate counters, also called by the brand name—Formica—were popular in the 80s and 90s. But today’s laminate counters do not look like they came out of the 90s. They can mimic the appearance of wood and stone for a fraction of the price. This non-porous material will not absorb bacteria, is simple to clean, and never needs to be resealed. 

With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, laminate is a good option if you want to renovate your kitchen yourself. It is a DIY-friendly option many are familiar with. It does not add substantially to the value of your property like other countertop materials do, and it can chip easily. But if you are looking for a simple upgrade you can install yourself, laminate countertops are a good option. Laminate is a lightweight material, which makes it easy to maneuver and install. 

Cultured Marble and Onyx Countertops

Cultured marble is a blend of stone particles and resins combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and natural-looking patterns—cultured marble and onyx among them. It is beautiful, easy to clean, mildew resistant, customizable, durable, and affordable! 


Tile is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes from classic squares to subway tiles, and trendy hexagons. It comes in a variety of materials from natural stone to ceramic, and delivers beauty and durability. You can combine colors and shapes to create a unique design. Another benefit of tile is that it does not stain and it is heat resistant.

Transform the Heart of Your Home with the Perfect Kitchen Renovation

Do not settle for an uninspiring kitchen space. Get the upgrades you need, and enjoy the heart of your home again. After all, kitchens are where memorable moments are shared with those you love most! 

At Beissel Renovation, with over 73 years of experience to rely on, we ensure your renovation is done with excellence. Learn more about how our kitchen renovations can bring your dreams to life. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Replace your kitchen countertops with Beissel Renovation.

11 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

Old, worn-out kitchen countertops can make your space look less appealing. And since countertops are one of the busiest surfaces in the heart of your home, it is important to spot the need for new ones and find the best material to modernize your kitchen’s beauty and function. 

Kitchens are typically more in need of remodeling than other rooms in a house because they are used so much every day. Installing new countertops is essential for keeping your property well maintained. 

Read on to learn what to look for specifically, so you can replace your kitchen countertops with confidence.

How to Know It Is Time for Countertop Replacement 

1. Are your current countertops cracked or chipped?

Some counter materials tend to chip and crack over time, leaving your kitchen looking less than ideal. If left unattended, dirt and bacteria may occupy the cracks in your counters, putting your food and prep space at risk of contamination. Wooden and linoleum countertops are particularly prone to cracking. If you can see the material beneath your counters, it is time to replace them.  

2. Do stubborn stains plague your countertops?

Blemishes like persistent stains and unsightly burn marks on your countertops hinder the beauty of your entire kitchen. If you have done your research and determined stains or burns cannot be remedied—when it comes to the material you currently have on your counters—it may be time to remove and replace them with new ones. You deserve to enjoy a pristine-looking kitchen with crisp, clean countertops readily available for you to do your meal preparation and plate your dinners. 

3. Is it time to get ready for your property’s sale?

When preparing your house to go on the market, prioritizing kitchen updates pays off with a substantial return on investment (ROI), boosting your home value and a potential buyers’ first impressions. Minimize the amount of time your property is on the market by upgrading your countertops in preparation of the sale. 

4. Are you looking for a budget-friendly kitchen upgrade?

Refresh the look of your kitchen with a cost-effective update—new countertops. You will enjoy substantial value for what you invest in this practical upgrade. 

5. Do your current countertops look outdated? 

Old countertops that are out of style dim the appearance of your whole kitchen. Replace them with a timeless, low maintenance, durable material like granite, which never goes out of style, and you will be set for years to come. 

6. Are you adding on to your current kitchen?

When it is time for a kitchen addition or major home remodel, rather than trying to match your old counters when adding new ones, replace the old and begin afresh. If you are already adding cabinets, installing new flooring, and changing your kitchen’s layout, new countertops are a must. 

7. Do your counters need customization for someone’s special needs?

An easy place to customize your kitchen is with new countertops. So if your aging parents are moving in or a family member needs accessible counters, replacing your current ones with new ones may be the perfect solution. 

8. Are your countertops damaged from a fire or other cause?

Small fires can occur in kitchens, leaving countertops marred and unsightly. This is a great opportunity to remove and replace your current counters, and bring crisp, clean countertops to the forefront of your kitchen design. With an island focal point, it is even more important to have great looking counters that make your kitchen a welcoming gathering place where friends and family love to spend time together. 

9. Is it time for a change in your kitchen?

Kitchen design trends come and go. If you are simply tired of your kitchen’s aesthetics and want to enjoy a more modern looking space, upgrading with new countertops is a simple solution. 

10. Has your kitchen suffered water damage?

Is there a crusty white buildup under your countertops near your kitchen sink or another place in your kitchen with running water? Water tends to leave ugly stains. If you ignore moisture damage and do not fix the root problem, mold and mildew will eventually appear. These are nothing to mess with as they can contribute to health problems—particularly if you have a respiratory illness such as asthma. Replace countertops if moisture damage, mold or mildew are present. Do not risk the possibility of making health issues worse. Instead, get new, beautiful countertops and enjoy them. 

11. Do you entertain others often?

Kitchen counters should be in excellent shape if you are entertaining family and friends often. Why? Because you are preparing and plating meals on them before serving your guests. When countertops look pristine, it helps put out the welcome mat to those you love, making them want to linger—and return. 

Gorgeous Countertop Materials for Your Kitchen

Choose the color, style, and material that brings out the best in your kitchen design. Selecting timeless materials and classic styles ensures your counters will not look outdated for years to come. Look at each material’s beauty, durability, need for maintenance, and track record of longevity so you can choose the best fit for your long-term needs. 

  • Quartz
  • Natural Stone
  • Solid Surface
  • Porcelain
  • Wood
  • Butcher Block
  • Laminate
  • Cultured Marble and Onyx

Add Beauty and Function to Your Kitchen with New Countertops Installed by Our Experienced Team

It can feel a bit overwhelming to renovate your home, but the good news is that you do not have to do it alone. At Beissel Renovation, we guide you in the selection process, making it a stress-free experience. And you will love our design-build approach where projects are consistently completed on time and on budget. 

Take a look at how we add stylish countertops to kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces to bring greater beauty and function to your home. 


Basement renovations to enhance your home.

9 Basement Renovations that Enhance Your Home 

Are you looking for ways to better use your unfinished basement? Transforming your home’s below-ground space into an oasis for relaxation, recreation, entertainment, or high powered fitness will enhance your life and boost your house’s value. 

Finishing your basement with customized plans that fit your  needs bring satisfaction and increase your home value. The possibilities are endless, so take time to think outside the box and maximize the opportunity to take your unused square footage and give it purpose! Here are some basement remodeling ideas to get you started.  

Basement Remodeling 

1. Game Room

Create a fun place to enjoy life with your family and friends by equipping your basement with a multipurpose game room. Furnish it with a table and chairs where you and your loved ones can play games to your heart’s content. Add a pool table, foosball, ping-pong table, and plenty of storage for your favorite board games

2. Basement Entertainment Space

You can set the tone to your entertaining space with wallpaper that makes a statement. Add a big screen TV, comfy couches with plenty of throw pillows, built-in shelves for organization, a storage area for games, and refreshing artwork that inspires. Adding a kitchenette, some counter space, and an inviting eating nook gives you even more options and will make your guests want to relax and linger. 

3. Home Theater

Creating a basement space where you can make memories enjoying movies with those you love most can be super fun. A home theater is usually more comfy than going to a commercial one. Consider installing acoustic panels and sectional sofas or authentic theater seating. Your basement offers better insulation when it comes to sound, so you can enjoy movies with even more volume without interrupting those on the other levels of your home. 

4. Home Gym

A convenient workout space in your basement can be just what you need to reach your fitness goals. Transform your basement into the perfect gym by adding rubber flooring, mirrors, and commercial grade equipment catered to your needs. Include a wall-mounted big screen where you can tune in to your favorite workout instructions for inspiration and motivation. Add exercise balls and mats, free weights, a stationary bike, treadmill, and more. Install a nearby bathroom (with a shower in it) so you can freshen up before going back upstairs. 

5. Playroom

Kids love a space they can call their own, so why not convert your basement into a playroom? Keeping their toys in a designated area can free up other areas of the house. Add a rock-climbing wall or monkey bars so they have somewhere to get their wiggles out on rainy days. Equip the space with cabinets, shelves, or cubbies so you can store books, toys, games, and more. Add light or bright colored walls to compensate for limited natural light, and designate a cozy reading nook or bean bag chairs where kids can relax and enjoy doing what they love most.  

6. Downstairs Apartment/Guest Bedroom

Adding another bedroom to your home can add significant value to your property and give you more flexibility now and in the future. If you have aging parents who need to move in someday, it can come in handy to have a basement bedroom where they can have some privacy, yet access to help when it is needed. 

Add a small kitchen and bathroom to your basement, and you have an apartment that is ready for your family or friends to enjoy. If you want to turn the space into a business, you can rent it out. Stick to minimalist elements and light neutral tones to keep the room simple and airy. Plenty of throw pillows, extra blankets, and a plush rug will cozy it up and put out the welcome mat for out-of-towners. 

7. Basement Kitchen

A second kitchen, even a small one,  in your home gives you all kinds of flexibility—particularly when you are hosting large gatherings and you need “all hands on deck” in the kitchen. A downstairs kitchen also makes that level more private. If it is adjacent to an entertainment space, it keeps the party in one place. Rather than running up and down the stairs with food, you can prep it right in your basement and you are ready to go! Add an attractive island for storage and extra seating where family and friends can visit as you prep food. 

8. Home Office

With so many people working remotely now, a home office adds value to your property and gives you the flexibility to work from home. A quiet, organized place where you can focus is essential to productivity, so adding a home office to your basement is smart and practical. The seclusion a basement offers is ideal for work and gives you privacy if you need to hold meetings. Include built-in shelves, a stand-up desk (with the option of sitting, of course), comfortable chairs, ample lighting, cool colors, and inspiring artwork. 

9. Hobby Spot

A dedicated space for your favorite hobby can be  a retreat just for you to enjoy. Scrapbooking, woodworking, painting, or even playing a musical instrument can all be done in the privacy of your basement. A neutral backdrop gives you plenty of options to add some stylishness with artwork, an accent wall, or a gallery where you can display your masterpieces. Include comfy seating, plenty of storage for organization, and a good sound system to play your favorite music. 

Get the Perfect Basement Renovation for Your Home

There are so many ways your basement can enhance your life and boost your home’s value. Get design inspiration from our experienced team, and transform your basement into an oasis of fun, relaxation, and recreation. 


At Beissel Renovation, a part of Beissel Window & Siding with over 70 years of expertise in thoughtful remodeling of homes, we bring dreams to life. Learn how our remodeling services can transform your current home into a functional, beautiful space that enhances your daily life and brings you joy. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Remodel your home's bathroom with Beissel Renovation!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

A premium bathroom remodel breathes fresh life into your space with greater beauty, luxurious comfort, and practical function that meets your needs. But if you have never remodeled your bathroom, it can feel a little daunting to start the remodeling process. 

Read on to take the mystery out of what is ahead so you can move forward with confidence, knowing what to expect in the remodeling process. While renovations and improvements to your house may disrupt your daily life for a bit, one thing is certain—it is worth it! 

The Bathroom Renovation Process

Define your vision/design your dream

Whether you create a vision board or simply jot all your dreams down in your phone, defining your goals for your bathroom upgrade is a vital place to start the remodeling journey. Write out the elements of your dream bathroom and prioritize them so you can incorporate your “must haves” before your “splurges.” 

Be sure to get detailed in your dreams list. Include wall colors (with perhaps an accent wall), flooring materials, toilet type, shower type, soaking tub, vanity material, sink and hardware ideas, lighting, smart mirror, and more. 

When working with a design-build contractor, you will want to share those dreams with an experienced designer who will help bring them to life

Decide if your current layout stays or not

Step back and take an objective look at your bathroom layout. Is it functional? Does it work for you? How could it be changed to improve its beauty and function? Is there wasted space in your bathroom that you could put to good use with a layout change? Can you get what you need out of your current bathroom’s four walls if its layout is reconfigured? Now think outside of the box, sketch out your ideas, and discuss them with your design-build contractor. They may see something you did not see, and your upgrade could just turn out better than you imagined!  

Plan your budget

Review your priority list from the design phase and decide how extensive or simple your budget is for this remodel. Make room in the budget for what is most important and see what you can do to include your “splurges.” Your project will go better when it is aligned with your priorities, needs and expectations.

Test your samples

Once you pick out your three favorite tiles, paints, and other samples, bring them home and try them out in your bathroom before deciding on which to use. 

Remove old fixtures and flooring

Next, your bathroom’s electricity and water will be turned off and “demolition day” will begin. Old tiles and flooring will be removed, fixtures including the vanity toilet, will be set aside for reinstallation or thrown out, and your bathroom will be down to its “bare bones.” 

Install a new window

Bathrooms are notorious for breeding mold and mildew because they usually lack the proper ventilation it takes to get all the humidity from showers and baths out of the vicinity. Choose a small, easy-to-open window with privacy glass. Casement or awning windows are ideal because they can accommodate small spaces and they are opened with a simple indoor crank. You will be amazed at how much a new window adds to your enjoyment of the space with fresh air at your fingertips (while reducing the possibility of unhealthy mold). 

Replace and install plumbing

Your new toilet, shower pan, waterline extension, and any modified plumbing for your sink will be installed. 

Install electrical wiring 

Next, while your walls are open, your bathroom’s wiring will be updates as needed to comply with local codes and your needs. Your contractor will install your exhaust fan and outlets. 

Close your walls

Now that the plumbing and electrical wiring are done, cement board and vapor barriers will be installed in the shower stall and tub area. Drywall will be used to cover the remainder of your bathroom walls. 

Add paint or wallpaper

Before the sink, vanity, toilet, or tub are installed, painting your walls is the next step in your bathroom remodel. Interior paint with satin or semi-gloss finish will work best in your new space due to the high humidity bathrooms are famous for. 

Install tile and flooring

Next, your remodeling contractor will tile your shower walls or bathtub, add the wall tile, and finally add the flooring. 

Fit your shower doors in place

The shower part of your remodel is usually the next step. Install the shower enclosure’s door, the track door for your bathtub, or your shower curtain rod to enclose the shower and bathtub space. 

Attach lighting fixtures 

Add lighting fixtures over your sink, and use ceiling lights for ample and diverse lighting options in your renovated bathroom. An exhaust fan will be added next to ensure the air is clean and to lower the humidity. 

Hook up your new sink’s plumbing

Your sink and new vanity will be placed in position and plumbing will be hooked up, ensuring it is done right the first time. 

Install your new toilet

Your contractor will install your new toilet, and your bathroom remodel will now start to look close to being finished. 

Incorporate thoughtful accessories 

The finishing touches are what makes your bathroom shine, so add thoughtful accessories to enhance the luxurious feel of your new space. Add towel hooks or towel bars, shelving, light switch plates, and other unique features you desire to personalize your upgraded bathroom

To maximize your storage space, put dividers inside each drawer and assign your bathroom items to a place within the drawers to streamline your morning routine. Include some greenery like a hearty potted plant on the vanity or floor to bring some of the outdoors inside. 

Transform Your Bathroom with the Perfect Remodel by Our Experienced Team

Poorly planned bathroom remodeling projects usually take longer because they hit more bumps in the road which makes the projects take longer,  and they often exceed their budget due to unanticipated expenses. Your bathroom renovation does not have to go that way! At Beissel Renovation, with over 70 years of expertise, homeowners love our streamlined remodeling process. 

Learn more about how our bathroom remodeling services can bring your bathroom renovation ideas to life. Contact us today for a free consultation!