Basement renovations to enhance your home.

9 Basement Renovations that Enhance Your Home 

Are you looking for ways to better use your unfinished basement? Transforming your home’s below-ground space into an oasis for relaxation, recreation, entertainment, or high powered fitness will enhance your life and boost your house’s value. 

Finishing your basement with customized plans that fit your  needs bring satisfaction and increase your home value. The possibilities are endless, so take time to think outside the box and maximize the opportunity to take your unused square footage and give it purpose! Here are some basement remodeling ideas to get you started.  

Basement Remodeling 

1. Game Room

Create a fun place to enjoy life with your family and friends by equipping your basement with a multipurpose game room. Furnish it with a table and chairs where you and your loved ones can play games to your heart’s content. Add a pool table, foosball, ping-pong table, and plenty of storage for your favorite board games

2. Basement Entertainment Space

You can set the tone to your entertaining space with wallpaper that makes a statement. Add a big screen TV, comfy couches with plenty of throw pillows, built-in shelves for organization, a storage area for games, and refreshing artwork that inspires. Adding a kitchenette, some counter space, and an inviting eating nook gives you even more options and will make your guests want to relax and linger. 

3. Home Theater

Creating a basement space where you can make memories enjoying movies with those you love most can be super fun. A home theater is usually more comfy than going to a commercial one. Consider installing acoustic panels and sectional sofas or authentic theater seating. Your basement offers better insulation when it comes to sound, so you can enjoy movies with even more volume without interrupting those on the other levels of your home. 

4. Home Gym

A convenient workout space in your basement can be just what you need to reach your fitness goals. Transform your basement into the perfect gym by adding rubber flooring, mirrors, and commercial grade equipment catered to your needs. Include a wall-mounted big screen where you can tune in to your favorite workout instructions for inspiration and motivation. Add exercise balls and mats, free weights, a stationary bike, treadmill, and more. Install a nearby bathroom (with a shower in it) so you can freshen up before going back upstairs. 

5. Playroom

Kids love a space they can call their own, so why not convert your basement into a playroom? Keeping their toys in a designated area can free up other areas of the house. Add a rock-climbing wall or monkey bars so they have somewhere to get their wiggles out on rainy days. Equip the space with cabinets, shelves, or cubbies so you can store books, toys, games, and more. Add light or bright colored walls to compensate for limited natural light, and designate a cozy reading nook or bean bag chairs where kids can relax and enjoy doing what they love most.  

6. Downstairs Apartment/Guest Bedroom

Adding another bedroom to your home can add significant value to your property and give you more flexibility now and in the future. If you have aging parents who need to move in someday, it can come in handy to have a basement bedroom where they can have some privacy, yet access to help when it is needed. 

Add a small kitchen and bathroom to your basement, and you have an apartment that is ready for your family or friends to enjoy. If you want to turn the space into a business, you can rent it out. Stick to minimalist elements and light neutral tones to keep the room simple and airy. Plenty of throw pillows, extra blankets, and a plush rug will cozy it up and put out the welcome mat for out-of-towners. 

7. Basement Kitchen

A second kitchen, even a small one,  in your home gives you all kinds of flexibility—particularly when you are hosting large gatherings and you need “all hands on deck” in the kitchen. A downstairs kitchen also makes that level more private. If it is adjacent to an entertainment space, it keeps the party in one place. Rather than running up and down the stairs with food, you can prep it right in your basement and you are ready to go! Add an attractive island for storage and extra seating where family and friends can visit as you prep food. 

8. Home Office

With so many people working remotely now, a home office adds value to your property and gives you the flexibility to work from home. A quiet, organized place where you can focus is essential to productivity, so adding a home office to your basement is smart and practical. The seclusion a basement offers is ideal for work and gives you privacy if you need to hold meetings. Include built-in shelves, a stand-up desk (with the option of sitting, of course), comfortable chairs, ample lighting, cool colors, and inspiring artwork. 

9. Hobby Spot

A dedicated space for your favorite hobby can be  a retreat just for you to enjoy. Scrapbooking, woodworking, painting, or even playing a musical instrument can all be done in the privacy of your basement. A neutral backdrop gives you plenty of options to add some stylishness with artwork, an accent wall, or a gallery where you can display your masterpieces. Include comfy seating, plenty of storage for organization, and a good sound system to play your favorite music. 

Get the Perfect Basement Renovation for Your Home

There are so many ways your basement can enhance your life and boost your home’s value. Get design inspiration from our experienced team, and transform your basement into an oasis of fun, relaxation, and recreation. 


At Beissel Renovation, a part of Beissel Window & Siding with over 70 years of expertise in thoughtful remodeling of homes, we bring dreams to life. Learn how our remodeling services can transform your current home into a functional, beautiful space that enhances your daily life and brings you joy. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Remodel your home's bathroom with Beissel Renovation!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

A premium bathroom remodel breathes fresh life into your space with greater beauty, luxurious comfort, and practical function that meets your needs. But if you have never remodeled your bathroom, it can feel a little daunting to start the remodeling process. 

Read on to take the mystery out of what is ahead so you can move forward with confidence, knowing what to expect in the remodeling process. While renovations and improvements to your house may disrupt your daily life for a bit, one thing is certain—it is worth it! 

The Bathroom Renovation Process

Define your vision/design your dream

Whether you create a vision board or simply jot all your dreams down in your phone, defining your goals for your bathroom upgrade is a vital place to start the remodeling journey. Write out the elements of your dream bathroom and prioritize them so you can incorporate your “must haves” before your “splurges.” 

Be sure to get detailed in your dreams list. Include wall colors (with perhaps an accent wall), flooring materials, toilet type, shower type, soaking tub, vanity material, sink and hardware ideas, lighting, smart mirror, and more. 

When working with a design-build contractor, you will want to share those dreams with an experienced designer who will help bring them to life

Decide if your current layout stays or not

Step back and take an objective look at your bathroom layout. Is it functional? Does it work for you? How could it be changed to improve its beauty and function? Is there wasted space in your bathroom that you could put to good use with a layout change? Can you get what you need out of your current bathroom’s four walls if its layout is reconfigured? Now think outside of the box, sketch out your ideas, and discuss them with your design-build contractor. They may see something you did not see, and your upgrade could just turn out better than you imagined!  

Plan your budget

Review your priority list from the design phase and decide how extensive or simple your budget is for this remodel. Make room in the budget for what is most important and see what you can do to include your “splurges.” Your project will go better when it is aligned with your priorities, needs and expectations.

Test your samples

Once you pick out your three favorite tiles, paints, and other samples, bring them home and try them out in your bathroom before deciding on which to use. 

Remove old fixtures and flooring

Next, your bathroom’s electricity and water will be turned off and “demolition day” will begin. Old tiles and flooring will be removed, fixtures including the vanity toilet, will be set aside for reinstallation or thrown out, and your bathroom will be down to its “bare bones.” 

Install a new window

Bathrooms are notorious for breeding mold and mildew because they usually lack the proper ventilation it takes to get all the humidity from showers and baths out of the vicinity. Choose a small, easy-to-open window with privacy glass. Casement or awning windows are ideal because they can accommodate small spaces and they are opened with a simple indoor crank. You will be amazed at how much a new window adds to your enjoyment of the space with fresh air at your fingertips (while reducing the possibility of unhealthy mold). 

Replace and install plumbing

Your new toilet, shower pan, waterline extension, and any modified plumbing for your sink will be installed. 

Install electrical wiring 

Next, while your walls are open, your bathroom’s wiring will be updates as needed to comply with local codes and your needs. Your contractor will install your exhaust fan and outlets. 

Close your walls

Now that the plumbing and electrical wiring are done, cement board and vapor barriers will be installed in the shower stall and tub area. Drywall will be used to cover the remainder of your bathroom walls. 

Add paint or wallpaper

Before the sink, vanity, toilet, or tub are installed, painting your walls is the next step in your bathroom remodel. Interior paint with satin or semi-gloss finish will work best in your new space due to the high humidity bathrooms are famous for. 

Install tile and flooring

Next, your remodeling contractor will tile your shower walls or bathtub, add the wall tile, and finally add the flooring. 

Fit your shower doors in place

The shower part of your remodel is usually the next step. Install the shower enclosure’s door, the track door for your bathtub, or your shower curtain rod to enclose the shower and bathtub space. 

Attach lighting fixtures 

Add lighting fixtures over your sink, and use ceiling lights for ample and diverse lighting options in your renovated bathroom. An exhaust fan will be added next to ensure the air is clean and to lower the humidity. 

Hook up your new sink’s plumbing

Your sink and new vanity will be placed in position and plumbing will be hooked up, ensuring it is done right the first time. 

Install your new toilet

Your contractor will install your new toilet, and your bathroom remodel will now start to look close to being finished. 

Incorporate thoughtful accessories 

The finishing touches are what makes your bathroom shine, so add thoughtful accessories to enhance the luxurious feel of your new space. Add towel hooks or towel bars, shelving, light switch plates, and other unique features you desire to personalize your upgraded bathroom

To maximize your storage space, put dividers inside each drawer and assign your bathroom items to a place within the drawers to streamline your morning routine. Include some greenery like a hearty potted plant on the vanity or floor to bring some of the outdoors inside. 

Transform Your Bathroom with the Perfect Remodel by Our Experienced Team

Poorly planned bathroom remodeling projects usually take longer because they hit more bumps in the road which makes the projects take longer,  and they often exceed their budget due to unanticipated expenses. Your bathroom renovation does not have to go that way! At Beissel Renovation, with over 70 years of expertise, homeowners love our streamlined remodeling process. 

Learn more about how our bathroom remodeling services can bring your bathroom renovation ideas to life. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Remodeling tips for your home's kitchen layout.

Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen Layout

A functional kitchen is one that meets your needs and helps streamline your daily routiness. With some foresight and thoughtful design, your kitchen layout can bring function and ease to your daily life. While the aesthetics should be pleasing, the most gorgeous kitchen will not be pleasant if it does not meet your needs.  

Which vital elements need to be included in a kitchen remodel to ensure the best workflow and a functional layout for your needs? Let us dive in and find out! 

Create a Functional Kitchen Layout and Enjoy the Heart of Your Home 

Functional Layout 

Design your kitchen so you can move from one task to another with ease. Modern kitchens have workstations—each with a different purpose. In many households, the kitchen is often not just about cooking, so ensure there is adequate space for someone to make dinner while others are doing homework or socializing in another part of the kitchen

Extra Storage

Maximizing your storage space in your renovated kitchen layout is vital to efficiency in your daily routine. Drawers often offer more practical storage space than large cabinets with no dividers. If you prefer the look of cabinets, the shelves can be installed to slide out like drawers, which gives you access to all of the contents with ease! Full extension hardware allows you to open a drawer all the way so you do not lose things in the back. 

Pantry Space

Categorizing the storage in your kitchen includes space for canned goods and other non-refrigerated food allowing for easy access while cooking (or snacking!). A good-sized pantry is essential for every kitchen, and the more organization you have, the better. 

A pantry can be built-in, butler’s style, freestanding, or walk-in. Regardless of its style, it should optimize your kitchen layout by consolidating everything into one location. A walk-in pantry can be useful particularly when it is organized with walls of shelving where you can categorize food and tuck your less frequently used appliances out of sight where they will not take up valuable counter space. 

Plenty of Countertops

Counters play a major role in meal prep, baking, and plating meals—so the more counter space your kitchen has, the better. Popular countertop materials include quartz, granite, marble, laminate, and wood. When you need all hands on deck to entertain or host a holiday gathering, each person needs space to work—and counters are ideal. If you need additional space, add a luxurious island in the middle of your kitchen.   

Luxurious Island 

Include plenty of seating, ample counter space for meal prep, and extra storage so you have what you need at your fingertips. Add a sink that faces the living room on your island (rather than under a window) so you can interact with others as you do the dishes.You can use a different countertop or paint the base cabinets another color to accentuate the island.

Smart Appliances

Upgrading your appliances when you renovate your kitchen is a great way to simplify your life. After all, a refrigerator that takes inventory and interacts with your shopping list to add milk when you need it is a time-saver you are sure to enjoy. 

Smart appliances can automate parts of the cooking process, keep you updated on the progress of your food, or make sure you are following a recipe correctly. Whether you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or just toast bagels and brew coffee, smart appliances can make your life easier. They come in all shapes and sizes—from air fryers and quaint hydroponic herb gardens (that grow right in the kitchen) to smart ovens and refrigerators, these additions can enhance your lifestyle. 

Ample Lighting 

Since island seating may double as a homework station and a place to entertain, ample lighting is of utmost importance throughout your kitchen. For a balanced room, opt for several lighting types with different degrees of brightness. 

  • Ambient lighting – Also known as general lighting, this option offers the most light in the room. It gives uniform illumination throughout your kitchen. Natural light from windows contributes to ambient lighting and can be super refreshing in a kitchen space. Who does not feel happy when sunshine teems through into their kitchen? Track lighting, recessed lighting, and chandeliers all offer ambient light that works well in a kitchen space. 
  • Task lighting – While your kitchen is already lit due to ambient light, task lighting gives even more light to the places where you need to do specific things. It helps you see smaller objects easier and provides more light for tasks that require accuracy, lowering eye strain. Pendant lighting over an island or table and under-cabinet lighting are perfect examples of task lighting that will boost your kitchen’s function and simplify daily life. 
  • Accent lighting – This lighting type is used to illuminate specific points of interest such as artwork or architectural features. It is decorative and complements your décor to add visual interest. Sconces, picture lights, and track lighting are popular types of accent lighting. 

Pull-out Waste Container Cabinet Organizer

This practical addition to your kitchen makes it easy to hide unsightly trash and recycling and saves valuable floor space. 

Deep Sink 

A deep undermount sink is a hardworking element of your kitchen. Its sleek lines will enhance your design and make it easier to do the dishes, especially pots and pans that need space to soak, contain splashing water or even thaw food for a meal. 

Make the Heart of Your Home the Place of Your Dreams with a Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation

You deserve to live in a space you love with all the amenities you need at your fingertips. If your kitchen is not meeting your needs, maybe it is time for a remodel. Write down your wish list and what you want in your new kitchen, then contact our experienced team to help craft a design you will love for years to come. 

At Beissel Renovation, we offer contemporary upgrades that add style and function to your space. From stylish backsplashes to custom kitchen islands, we design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and delights you. Our design-build process ensures your project stays on task and schedule and on budget. Discover how our kitchen remodeling services can bring your dreams to life, contact us today for a free consultation!